Friday, May 02, 2008

Finnals and getting off blogger

It's that time of the semester again, finals are coming up and I need the time to study. Thus, I don't plan on doing more that a couple more posts over the next two weeks. After that, however, I'll have a ton of free time and I've decided it's finally time to get off blogger, get my own domain name, and develop my own site design. Stay tuned.

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kldickson said...

I've got it on authority from the person who started teaching the Biology of Mind course here that philosophy is a pointless way to study the mind.

I'm not sure why you choose the philosophy route, unless consciousness isn't what you want to study after all - different strokes for different folks, but compare the research in both fields. Science is getting much farther than philosophy is, and regardless of what philosophers of mind say, I can dig up papers that refute many of their claims about what neuroscience can or can't do.

It's largely a question of how seriously you take empiricism, how prone you are to making assumptions about what exists or does not exist, and whether you put an absurd amount of trust in the human mind, which is imperfect, to make sense of its world.