Sunday, May 04, 2008

Dumping evangelicals

PZ Myers suggests politicians simply dump religions leaders, and does so with arguments that make some sense from a purely vote-getting point of view. I've heard that Americans want their leaders to be religious, just not too committed to particular beliefs. I suspect this isn't really true; Americans have no such monolithic position. Rather, the hard-core Evangelicals won't tolerate someone who isn't religious at all, the hard-core secular and hard-core vaguely secular won't tolerate anyone with beliefs perceived as "extreme," so mushy liberal Protestantism is the best way to hedge your bets. Sometimes, though, you end up with someone like Wright on your team purely by accident.

On a related issue, Sully wrote a rather defensive post on Obama where he admitted:
Obama was, I think, brought up and lived for a long time in an atmosphere in which occasional left-wing excess did not grate on his ears or his temperament as they would on people like, er, me. And his desire to connect to a black experience he never fully had himself also played a part in not distancing himself from some aspect of his pastor's rhetoric or friends' associations.
In a way, I think Andrew is very insightful. I live in Madison, a city so liberal it's referred to sixty square miles surrounded by reality. I've socialized with admirers of Lenin and sympathizers of eco terrorists. And I think jumping on candidates for what their associates say is stupid. Still, it's also stupid to insist Obama can't be thought of as another politician, especially with his weasle-word responses to this and implausible surprise.


TomJoe said...

Clinton, McCain, Obama - Anyone who wants to be President shouldn't be allowed to do so.

The Inoculated Mind said...

Whenever I've checked your blog this week, the ad slightly covers the title and my eyes tell me it says "humping evangelicals." Thought you;d find that funny.

kldickson said...

Look on and read the article about dignity. You may find it somewhat interesting and particularly relevant to several issues we face today.

There's a major problem for some politicians with ditching evangelicals: they're religious themselves, and they don't want to be construed as perhaps not being faithful to their superstition. If all candidates don't ditch religious leaders, the fundie idiots will vote for the candidate who panders to fundies. The fundie vote is an all-or-nothing bargain for them, especially because the fundie vote is so big, which is unfortunate, and they're more prone to vote than liberals.

So we've got to team up with the 'liberal religious', if they can properly be called such (I am not sure whether there is really a liberal religious bunch. When pressed, apparently, they are either non-religious or fundamentalist.), and take power away from the fundies .

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