Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I've just discovered that there's an entire blog dedicated to atheist movies. Most of it's old stuff, but the latest post is announcing a new comedy called Religulous, a world made by combining "Religious" and "Ridiculous." And the older stuff is nice to have, too: will try to remember this site when organizing socials for the student group.


Emanuel Goldstein said...

Do you know of any atheist movies that depict believers being exterminated in Gulags.

I think an especially good movie could be made of Trotsky riding around Russia in his amoured train burning villages and churhes.

Dr. Zhivago's potrayal of the character Stelnikov riding around Russia in his armoured train touched on this, but at the time the film was made they didn't have the guts to name the character Trotsky.

Still, it a start.

And the new movie "Expelled" is going to be hilarious.

Charlie Kay said...

Sorry, - but I defy you to show us one example of pro-creationist 'humor'....

Expelled is going to be a couple of kooks railing against a system that quite rightly refuses to give respect to their beliefs.

And why should anyone respect another's beliefs? After all - what we each choose to believe is personal to ourselves - how on earth can an education or scientific research body possibly mitigate for so many potential alternatives - especially when the alternatives have no basis in evidence?

The main functional problem with 'believers' is that they think all the answers are in - something a scientist would rightly be horrified by.