Sunday, September 16, 2007

Edis on Europe

Taner Edis, a good observer of Europe and Islam and one of Sam Harris' more credible critics, has put up a post I feel a responsibility to link to given my recent assertion of Europe's feebleness. His post is called W(h)ither Europe? and argues much of what has been said about Europe's decline is a matter of what right-wingers need, ideologically, to be true. Yet he agrees with my main worry about Europe when he says
Europe does have a Muslim problem—even if we reject the bigoted and alarmist views of "Eurabia," it's very clear that Europe's large and rapidly growing Muslim minorities have not been integrated and don't display a lot of interest in becoming more integrated.
Integrated Muslims, I would be quick to say, present no problem, but I wonder if the massive numbers of unintegrated Muslims we see could be a disaster in the making.

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