Wednesday, August 01, 2007

No fear

I'm amazed to see a post like this one coming from somebody on Mojoey's atheist blogroll. Basically, it argues we should avoid offending Muslims because they'll get violent. Excuse me? What kind of cowardice is this? In a religious tyranny (like Iran, which the blogger mentions), there is a certain need for being covert in your actions, but we aren't going to help create a decent world by letting dangerous fanatics run roughshod over us. Giordano Bruno should be an example to follow, not avoid.

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James W. said...

Actually, I don't that we shouldn't offend Muslims. Again, there's a world of difference between pissing off a fundamentalist Christian and a fundamentalist Muslim. A fundamentalist Christian won't kill you, or think about it, just because you're an atheist however the same cannot be said for a fundamentalist Muslim. I'm clearly saying there's a time and place for everything. There's a huge difference between cowardice and picking your fights. Cowardice would involve never offending anyone.

And offending people doesn't do anything for creating a decent world, it only furthers the problem.