Wednesday, August 15, 2007

lol real world

Okay, so I'm currently in New Jersey visiting relatives. For reasons I am somewhat afraid to contemplate, my little middle-schoolish age cousins were watching the MTV show the real world while I was down there, first playing chess and then getting online. One of the major events in the episode was a fight between two female characters (guests? contestants? what do you call people on reality TV shows?). As credits rolled, a voice over announced that people could log on to MTV's website and watch the fight as many times as they wanted to. I responded with a laugh so loud and high pitched that I actually frightened my cousin Mia from the room. Mia didn't get what was so funny, but when I described the event to my mom afterwards she burst out laughing too.

Suddenly, I'm very tempted to make a habit of watching the show on a regular basis, in a manner which I will tell myself is more detached than the manner of most viewers, in an attempt to learn something about the world. But what will I be learning? The nature of the most superficial fraction of society, as represented by the characters (or whatever) on the show? Or will I be learning how reality show editors manipulate people to make them look like asses because it makes better television? Can somebody help me out here? If nobody intervenes to convince me this is a bad idea, I may start blogging about my viewing of the show...

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Bob said...

Don't do it! Put a copy of Series 7: The Contenders on your Netflix list, or catch it next time it comes around on Sundance Channel. That should satisfy your impulse to mock The Real World.

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Michael Martin said...

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