Thursday, August 02, 2007

It's all in the editing

Andrew Sullivan has been posting reedited movie trailers. They're really must sees:

Their value goes far deeper than mere comic effect. They lay out, in plain sight, the silly tricks that movies use to get an emotional reaction out of you. For a long time I've vaguely known that most movies that feel like pretty good movies at first glance are really just relying on such tricks, but these YouTube spots lay it out with much greater clarity than anything I've been able to articulate before.

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Bronze Dog said...

That's one reason I was fascinated in a "History of Cinematography" class I once took. Good cinematography can do a lot to whitewash over flaws.

The problem I've seen a lot is that Hollywood is losing even that talent. They usually seem to feel obligated to ham it up to the point of "Look at our clever editing! Aren't we clever?" school.

Hallq said...

I should add in postscript that there's a difference between the sort of tricks the above videos poke fun at and genuinely good cinematography. Have you seen the movie Pi? That's a case where the only good thing in the movie is the cinematography, but it's actually inspired enough to save the movie, beyond than just papering over flaws. Maybe you'd say that that belongs to the "ham it up" school, but I'll take any modicum of originality over repetitious schlock any day.