Friday, August 03, 2007


My TA from last semester philosophy just introduced me to his blog, In the Mouth of Madison. He, by the way, was the one who corrected the essay I just posted (I got an A!). The blog has some good stuff. For example: Alternate Harry Potter Covers:
Have you gotten around to reading the new Harry Potter book? Are you wanting to read it, but hate to look like an utter conformist by being seen in public reading the very same book half the world is reading? Well, I have the solution: alternate book covers! Just print up one of these babies on a high resolution printer, and fold it over your copy of the Deathly Hallows, and voila! You can look like you're a poser, a snob, a horror-buff, a "true-crime" affisciando, or ... well, some of these defy classification. It's awesome. You won't be disappointed. My favorite is the Alcibades: Zombie Hunter of Ancient Greece cover.
I'm partial to the Harry James Granger one myself.

He also has a page of crazy preacher remixes, including a Harry Potter-themed one. Enjoy.

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