Monday, May 14, 2007

Chuck Norris went back in time to 1775, single-handedly defeated the British, and established ChristianNationLand in the colonies

Well, that's what he seems to think, anyway.

Hemant has drawn my attention to a WorldNutDaily by Norris, claiming that secularists want to outlaw Christianity. It's full of wacky claims, like the Founding Fathers wanted only Christians to be president. Which is why the the Constitution says only Christians can hold office.

Anyway, no, seriously folks: even the U.S. military can't stop Chuck Norris. I mean it. I'm not trying to make a Chuck Norris joke this time. Well, not just trying to make one, anyway. I seriously think that people like him are a threat to the American government, because they apparently cannot tell the difference between having their rights violated and being denied a chance to violate other people's rights. It isn't just him. Google the words Christians + Persecuted + America, and you will get, among other things, a page that cites this shocking example of persecution:
In Madison, Wisconsin, the Freedom from Religion Foundation distributes anti-Christian pamphlets to public school children entitled, "We Can Be Good Without God."
These are people who would outlaw all other viewpoints in the name of freedom. They make me want to get Canadian citizenship.


Tommy said...

I think Chucky should do something more useful with his time, like appearing on Al-Jazeera and challenging Osama bin Laden to a cage match. If OBL refuses, then he is a coward.

Anonymous said...

Its remarks like these that make we wish you would get canadian citzenship.

Sean Doherty said...

Anonymous said...

"I'm a pathetic moron who can't even insult someone without hiding behind something."

Aren't you just the cutest little gutless coward.