Thursday, April 26, 2007

My first live debate

Yesterday, I did an atheism/Christianity debate on campus. My opponent was Tim Leisz, a Campus Crusade staff member who graduated from UW last year with a degree in philosophy and English. Here's the recording.

I checked it in a couple spots, and I think it turned out okay, though the set up was about as primitive as it gets: just a cheap microphone picking up what came over the speakers (I had no luck figuring out how to wire my laptop into the system).

Download "Hallquist-Leisz debate"
Ourmedia Page.


Anonymous said...

Arguments from ignorance, question-begging, arguments from authority (testimonial evidence), and non sequiturs.

Dude, I could have *obliterated* this guy. Everything was pathetically predictable; lifted straight off of the most pop-evangelical apologetics websites and ZonderKidz! books.

Strobel would be proud.

You spoke well; try to excise the 'um's' and 'ah's.'

Hallq said...

Thanks. It's a little unfortunate we didn't get to go more rounds. I've heard complaints that even the big 90-minute debates aren't long enough to sort out everything that needs to be sorted out, and with only two rounds it was even worse: little chance for me to respond to his criticisms of my arguments, and he was never forced to deal with my criticism of his arguments. Oh well. It was a nice first step into the world of debating.