Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Why McCain shouldn't be president

Today, Andrew Sullivan has logged another entry in the long list of critiques of John McCain's cozying up to the religious right. The main charge in this thing is hypocrisy, but independent of anything McCain has said in the past, shouldn't there be an uproar on the simple grounds that the things Falwell believes are (to use the word colloquially) crazy? Liberty University is an institution that has creationism and end-times nuttiness in its doctrinal statement, along with the belief that all non-Christians go to hell. Any politician who associates with these folks should have to go through the kind of embarrassment Bush did when he spoke at Bob Jones University (which likely believes all those things, though Bush only came under fire for the institution's racism). The criticism of McCain is good, but I wish people wouldn't make it look like everything hinges on hypocrisy.

Some questions I'd like to see lobbed at McCain on the campaign trail:

"What do you think of Liberty University's policy of teaching creationism in class? Do you think this is substantially different than teaching Holocaust denial or Afrocentrism?"

"What do you think of LU's stance that the world will end soon? Might this have an impact on long-term efforts for a more stable globe?"

"What do you think of LU's stance that those who disagree with them on certain matters will be punished eternally? Do you think this is compatible with the American ideal of intellectual freedom?"

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