Thursday, January 04, 2007

I deny the Holy Spirit (and the rest of the Trinity)

Some of you may have heard of the Rational Response Squad's Blasphemy Challenge. If not, I suggest reading the official website as well as the Internet Infidels discussion. Anyway, here's my contribution:

As an aside, it's interesting to watch theologians talk about the correct interpretation of the Bible verse this is based on. John Loftus has put together a nice little discussion. Realize of course that for evangelicals, this is a deadly serious issue--well, actually, more serious than death. It's interesting to note that J.P. Holding says the unpardonable sin is simply unbelief--which makes it extra-easy to commit. (So much for softening difficult passages.)


Anonymous said...


I can't believe you've aligned yourself with the hatemongering and no-brain group, The Rational Response Squad. Bear in mind, even atheists find them as an embarassment. I even caught RRS member, Rook Hawkins, plagiarizing. Seriously, what credibility do these guys have? None, whatsoever. I should also add that in so many words, Brian Sapient admitted that his "Blasphemy Challenge" is based on a false premise. Anyway, the Blasphemy Challenge isn't much of a challenge in my opinion.

As for JP Holding he has responded to John W. Loftus here.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how Chris wont respond?

It seems this happends when he don't know what to say......

Tommy said...

Did you ever consider that maybe he has a life and doesn't sit in front of computer 24/7 to respond to idiotic comments?

Hallq said...

What Tommy said. Plus, I'm too amused by the idea of Walton calling someone else "hatemongering" to respond directly.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Let me get this straight, since you find it amusing that I would call RRS a bunch of no-brain hatemongers who plagiarize, and prove it, you won't respond?

*SHRUGS* Well, here's more stuff for you to laugh at: did you know that Brian Sapient would put Christians in an asylum just because they're Christians, he even castigated his own Christian mother and admitted she should go to a nutt house.

But have it your way, Christopher. At least I don't align myself with a bunch of intellectual phonies like you.

Anonymous said...

Oh snap.

Chris might not respond to much comments. This is true. But with how much he posts and the links in this posts, I would say he is on here a lot. Not 24/7 Tommy, we have to sleep and eat sometimes..

Although Tommy, you are on here almost 24/7 responding to ALL the comments......

sooo... Tommy, stop talking?


Tommy said...

That's because I don't need to eat and sleep anonymous. You see, I am really the son of God, and I am above such things.

J. J. Ramsey said...

frank walton: "I even caught RRS member, Rook Hawkins, plagiarizing."

Rook "plagiarized" from Dennis McKinsey, with whom he works. From what I gather, he uses McKinsey's work with permission.

There are a not of not-nice things that one can truthfully say about Rook Hawkins, such as his reliance on dated 19th sources like Remsburg and other problems that he and McKinsey share, but the plagiarism thing does not appear to be one of them.

Anonymous said...

If you look at my link he took what McKinsey wrote and copied it verbatim. There's just no denying that. Sorry.

Rook Hawkins said...

You're correct, dennis and I are good friends, and we talk frequently. What I find amusing is Walton's abuse of "plagerism", his apparent redefining the word. I do make sure Dennis gets all the credit for the work I use of his. But Dennis and I also work together, and I'm on his panel of experts and at times I even answer his mail for him. He and I go back seven years. I even recorded a show with him (our second) in which Dennis HIMSELF makes it clear just how well we know each other, support each other, and how much I support him.

But since Walton is too irrational to do any independant research, he has instead tried to slander my reputation after exposing his master-at-arms, fat-boy JP Holding, who refuses to come on my show and debate me live. Which, I can only assume, he knows he won't win.

Carrier and I have handed holding his ass on more occasions then I think he wants to think about. Walton and Holding are generally small peanuts, and I tend to ignore them. I have more honest and reasonable people to contend with on a daily basis, and frankly his arrogance is really not something I want to put up with.

I just wanted to make this very clear here. Also, if Walton continues to slander my name, and I feel I'm losing money because of it, I may have to get a lawyer involved, and see if I can sue for damages. I would hope he'd been smart enough to understand this, but perhaps I was wrong? Especially now that he has been posting to members of the RRS and friends of the RRS such lies about me.

I feel with all the alerts I'm getting from people, direct quotes from their message services, I have a very strong case against Walton. So perhaps he'll straighten up some.

Anyway, the best,

Rook Hawkins

Anonymous said...

Rook Hawkins,

So you act as if you and Dennis are dating. You might be brothers, but you still have to credit his work. You say you give him credit, but it didn't seem like that to me.

Let me guess, you must be a Rosie O'Donnell fan....

Anonymous said...

By the way Rook Hawkins,

I can post anything about you on the net. ANYTHING. You can do nothing about it. Don't act as if you have power you don't.


Cory Washington said...

I used to go to the same church as Frank Walton. We all pretty much thought he was gay, or at the very least very, very effeminate, plus he was always quite silly, yet had no sense of humor. His parents have a bit of money, and they always seemed a bit embarrased that he always did so poorly in school. I think he's a bit mentally challenged; he just always came across kind of dumb. I don't mean that in a mean way. He could toilet and feed himself. But I remember his folks got him a job as a target greeter/bag boy/guy who brings a big item to your car on a flat cart. He did help me get my big TV in my Honda by cutting it out of the box. I haven't seen him there for awhile. He still lives with his parents and the college he's attending is one of those bible correspondence things. I wouldn’t be surprised if he's got a doctorate by now; too bad he can't spell or use the English language.
I wish he'd find something else to do. He really is an embarrassment to his folks

Ken said...

Rook Hawkins/RRS,

I believe above all, we should hold steadfastly to reason and I admire your efforts to spread reason by informing the public about the contradictions in the bible. (Even if most of the work is done by someone else. Just as long as s/he gets credit.) However, I also don't agree in the name calling and public threats you have shown. This can only fuel even more anger. (Please leave that to private emails and such.) Please hold yourself to more of a respectable position than your enemies.


I'm sure other reasonable atheists agree on this note: How can the next "Age of Reason" or "Atheist Movement" take place if in the beginning we can't even agree. Personally, I believe that the bases of the atheists movement should promote knowlege and reason. (Without the use of force; verbal or physical) For the people that still don't get it, atheism is NOT an attack on religion, as that can only fuel hatred. We need to ignore the hateful word plays by theists whenever possible and continue to challenge people to think for themselves. After all, a myth is a myth and should be treated as such, until hard facts support otherwise. Furthermore, with the advent of the internet in these 15 years or so, we are provided with a wonderful medium to promote reason and knowledge. Embracing our goal rather than bickering over nonsense can only quicken the process.

Sorry for the rant, just needed to vent.


... In hopes of a day when the majority realizes that a belief by the majority does not equal truth.

Daniel said...


Was your church located there in Woodland Hills?

mizlee said...

Just for the hell of it (!), how do I get on proper record as denying the Holy Spook? I don't believe in fairies at the bottom of my garden, either, nor gremlins, nor gnomes (garden statues notwithstanding), nor Xenu, nor Krishna, nor allah, nor god,nor..... oh dear, this list could get awfully long. Is it enough to say that the "Holy Spook" is just an old poopy-head?
mizlee at AOL dot com

John W. Loftus said...

Frank you call JP Holding's response an exegetical one? LOL. Tell him to deal with the texts themselves.

Michael Stradley said...

So Rook Hawkins is best buds with C.Dennis McKinsey, and he allows Rook to copy his work verbatim? Is this really something to brag about, knowing that C. Dennis McKinsey's work is universally derided by legitimate theist and atheist scholars alike?

No serious scholar bothers to quote McKinsey, because he's a crackpot. Some other interesting beliefs of McKinsey include the absurd conclusion that the Bush administration is just like Nazi Germany in 1938; Socialism is great, and Communism gets a bad rap; that Joseph Stalin "Got It Right" (Stalin, btw, murdered close to 70 million people).

That Rook Hawkins would ally himself with such a nut job, and rely on him almost exclusively for his "research" shows just how lazy a "scholar" Hawkins really is.


Frank Walton Sucks! said...

The only post about Frank Walton you will ever need to read. atheism sucks

(feel free to repost this info anywhere)

Frankie Wallton said...
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