Sunday, November 05, 2006

Nutball alert, part 1

This term borrowed from Mojoey seems well suited to the below entry in my referal log:

Apparently this is not a unique response. Mo's recent post on Haggard reports a member of the guy's church thinking along similar lines.

Times like these make me wonder whether dark-age mentality is hard-wired in to some humans.


Anonymous said...

I keep coming across people who blame haggard's behavior on the devil. As if he had no control over his own actions. It is crazy thinking.

Thanks for the links - Nutballs rule.

Bronze Dog said...

Dang demons. Made me use Plus Powers in Armored Core. Made me betray my ally in Civ4. Made me just impatient enough to run a questionable yellow light. I wish I could be responsible for my actions.