Monday, October 02, 2006

Still being explored

Jason Rosenhouse lays does a smackdown on a recent Discovery Institute blog post. He misses one thing:
I keep getting asked about the scientific research projects underway that relate to Darwinism and intelligent design. So why aren't we talking more about them publicly? For several good reasons:

The most important is that the Darwinist establishment would like nothing better than to out research programs before they are finished. The idea is to shut down damaging evidence as early as possible. Strangle the infant in the crib. Demand answers now to questions still being explored.
Hello? You guys tried to force your ideas into public schools over a year ago, and now you admit that they're still in development? What?

... *stares in disbelief* ...

Guys, all we're doing is "demanding answers" for things you insist are well-established.

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