Friday, September 01, 2006

The obscene Bible

Via Kill the Afterlife, there's a petition out there to get the Bible removed from Walmart on grounds of obscenity. At first I wasn't going to sign it because I figured it would just annoy believers, but then I did because:

1) The horrible things in the Bible need to be publicized as much as possible and
2) The blow is softened just enough by making fun of Walmart for removing Jon Stewart's book from the shelves.

So talk this thing up. As Aaron says:
I hope this petition makes national headlines too. The way I figure it, the only way this thing can make national headlines is if enough atheists talk about it to where it catches the attention of the Christian mainstream population, at which point the Christians will likely start a counter-petition or something, and then Fox/Cnn/etc... will pick up the story based on the surrounding controversy.


eusto said...

I signed it, not because I believe the Bible should be banned nor because I consider myself an atheist but just because I want to encourage others to critically reflect on their own beliefs. If you're going to consider the Bible to be God's Word, then what's all this stuff?

Common Sense said...

I think you are being foolish. Regardless of what side of the debate you are on, when you abandon civility, dialogue will cease. When dialogue ceases you are fighting a war, and both sides try to harness the powers of authority. This is wrong. (And at present atheists would lose such a war anyway)

People should be free to believe (and live as a family) however they want, provided they aren't plotting to kill you or me or physically harming each other. And, as a democracy, we ought to try to come to some civil comprise about how this looks in practice. By in large, we have done this in America.

As the anonymous poster rightly pointed out, you are but a mere child. These issues are not new, and, as bad as the status quo may seem, it is the product of many wise compromises. Stop being arrogant; cease your complaining; look around you and try to focus on the wisdom in the system instead of the errors. We should always protect the rights of the minority whether it be christians, muslims, jews, or atheists.

Roya said...

I posted it to chaser on ABC Australia. Not sure if they are going to talk about it though.

Anonymous said...

What in the world are you doing supporting those Capitalists at Walmart. Maybe you could apply for the position of Book Czar there.

Bronze Dog said...

What strikes me about this whole thing: Walmart, and religious society as a whole, is promoting a double-standard.

They want obscenity out of Walmart, yet they allow one particular book to be immune. Welcome to Moonside!

Rebecca said...

Well, I signed it.

Anonymous said...

The last time I checked Walmart was not a publicly owned utility. They don't answer to the general public, only to shareholders.

Hallq said...

Yeah, but they answer to their customers.