Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New profile pic

Tell me what you think:

(Looks, thinks, realizes only headshot works well in sidebar.)

How about this?:


Bob_3732 said...

I'm afraid you're about to kick my ass.

oku said...

You should smile. We know you have a nice smile, we saw that in the pictures where you are holding that 'Smile - There is no hell' sign.

NonProphet said...

I say grow a beard - you'll look like Jesus. Just imagine what that will do to the street preachers when you set up with your 'Smile there is no Hell' sign. ;o)

On a more serious note... I actually prefer the levitating pic. I think it says a lot in very little space - it was a great idea.

Daniel said...

"Experiment with a chemist"

That. Shirt. Rocks.

I have ACS-envy. My other favorite is "Chemists do it on the table, periodically"
"Chemists do it in an excited state"

I'm a nerd, what can I say?

advice said...

You look unkempt. I say get a nice haircut, and a pinstriped shirt with a collar. Appearance is important because people, perhaps shallow people, judge you by it. In your arguing and in your classes you will be taken more seriously. Lots of potential employers will not hire you, if you look like that. Incidently, lots of potential employers also google potential employees to see if they have a blog. When it comes time to apply for jobs I say pull this thing!

Bronze Dog said...

I like anonymity. Only bits of my corner in meatspace I've posted are a rubber band on my office floor and my new cat.

Hallq said...

1) I unfortuantely lack the ability to grow a decent beard.

2) Part of the reason for the change is an employee of my uncle's looked at the blog and said the levitating pic was hard to see, and I frankly had to agree. As nice as the levitating pic is, the sidebar just isn't big enough for anything beyond a headshot.

es said...

I liked the levitating picture much better. Either that or use the no hell picture. The new one looks like a mug shot. Doesn't do you justice. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice looking guy...I'd suggest "squaring up" the pic a little more though. Chop some off the left side to center your face better.