Friday, September 08, 2006

Another year of pictures

The athevangelism that began here continues:

This sign was made on the spot when I saw the evangelists out there. The black guy in a tie is a preacher; these pictures unfortunately don't capture the other evangelists out there.


Anonymous said...

Obviously you haven't had your first job yet if you think there is no hell.

Hallq said...

Actually, I had my first 40 hour a week job this summer.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I like the homemade smiley much, much better than the one back in February. It adds that personal touch that says that you really do care! And you seem to.

Say, aren't you worried about being sued by Walmart for the smiley? The next thing you know ... there goes that summer job.

es said...

You go, Chris! I love it.