Monday, July 24, 2006

Random Shorts

Jesus Myth: CADRE Comments has another objection. It's one I had thought of before, but failed to raise in my own review of Doherty.

Mr. Gay Vatican City: Uh, does this need explaining?

Be prepared: Franc announces he's hanging up the keyboard, but will keep posting through Sept. 22, because he has posts prepared that far ahead of time. Wow... and I thought a couple days was being ahead of things.

Literalism: In Norman Geisler's Baker Encyclopedia, he insists that "While everything in the Bible is literally true, not everything is true literally" (p. 312). Does anyone have any idea what in the world this means?


Bronze Dog said...

I wonder if he means "literal" in the sense of today's common usage: "I literally flipped my lid! My eyeballs literally came out of their sockets!"

...I'd like to see that.

Layman said...

Seems like Geisler's trying to find a clever way of saying that the Bible is true but is not always to be taken literally.

Hellbound Alleee said...

No, Franc is not "hanging up his keyboard." If anything he is writing twice as much as before. Radical Libertarian is still going strong, and he has a new blog at Check Your Premises So don't get too excited. His Anarchic, Capitaliostic Ee-Vil is not going away, just getting louder.

Mme Tremblay

Bruce said...

Check out Cadre now. It's the old song that atheists don't have an objective basis for their morality.

With the religious warfare in the middle east, are these people really blind? Can't they see that religion does not point to an objective morality?