Tuesday, October 18, 2005

We're doomed

Last month, I wrote about disturbing trends in America that made it look like we're headed for 1984. However, my ultimate conclusion is we've survived worse threats to freedom.

After reading Pharyngula today, my cheery optimism is dead. He writes about a journalism student complaining about having to take those damn math and science classes.

This would be only mildly annoying comming from someone in another field. From a journalism major, its frightening. Journalists without a broad base of knowledge = meaningless words fit into inverted pyramid style, and from there a profoundly ignorant public.

In some respects, this could be worse than a slide into the dark ages. Throughout human history, knowledge has been power, even at times of greatest ignorance. The darkest times have been when knowledge is hated and feared. Too many people like this protojournalist could usher in an age of indifference, where knowledge is to impotent for bigots to fear it. So much for going out with the bang of a fascist takeover. American civilization just may headed for whimpering indifference and ignorance.

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