Sunday, October 09, 2005


Ambivablog has a fascinating post on a movement called universism. Sounds like something I'd be interested in, though I echo this complaint:
From what I've seen so far, I mostly have one little quibble with it, and it's spelled I-S-M. I have a three-letter rejoinder to that: W-H-Y? Having "ism" tied to its tail has been the downfall of many a fine idea. Vox (Populi?) is taking a profoundly noninstitutional impulse -- and institutionalizing it.
I feel the same way about humanism.

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Anonymous said...

W-H-Y is it so hard to understand why? Universism and humanism try to change something. They try to do this by creating an umbrella term that can be easily supported world-wide. Creating awarness of this alternative has more effect than keeping the ideology at a philosophical, unnamed level. Traditional religions have been in part successful for properly promoting their image. We're only trying to beat them at their own game.