Monday, October 10, 2005

Have they?

In the the ongoing discussion about the Academic Bill of Rights at Thwackum & Square, says the following:
I will say that the problems they observe are real, the incidents they describe do happen, and that Students for Academic Freedom has collected thousands of complaints. I think it's crazy to say that thought policing doesn't happen in the academy, sometimes unintentionally, sometimes as a matter of activism on the part of professors.
Actually, their complaint center lists 304 complaints at present, and no, given the long lags between complaints being registered, I don't think their counter is broken. Among the complaints:
4.) This complaint applies to the discriminating nature of grading of my English teacher. She knows I'm an advancer of conservative ideas b/c I where a 'W' t-shirt to class on sometimes. Ever since the 1st day of class when I wore my 'W' shirt she has treated me cold and been discriminating in grading my essays. On the last one, I wrote about how family values in the books weve read aren't good. I know the paper was pretty much great because I spell checked it and proofred it twice. I got an D- just because the professor hates families and thinks its okay to be gay.
Yeah, everyone who spell checks their paper deserves an A. What an atrocity.

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