Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Carnival of the Vanities 160

Welcome to this weeks Carnival of the Vanities! I'm privileged to be your host this week, and what a week it's been. I've been reading and writing descriptions for dozens of posts; it's been no small task like the specialty carnival I ran last month. I hope you all enjoy the carnival, and check out the rest of my site while you're at it. (Yes Virginia, I am pathetically saying "look how hard I worked" to try to capture some long-term visitors.)

Old business
I'll start with a post from Technogypsy, the host of last week's carnival. The carnival had the added bonus of a poetry quiz, for all those who took a swing at it, here are the answers.

Miers nomination
The Miers nomination prompted Justene at Vespaquest to relate a family anecdote. I wonder if Miers could knock Justene's distant relative out of his spot in history.

Miriam had an idea for a Supreme Court nomination. I'd comment, but one nasty comment about Miers is enough for one Carnival.

Standing counter to most of the reaction to Miers is The Conservative Outpost, which thinks this pick would have made Sun Tzu proud.

Kal's World has a poem So I Elected a Tax Murderer (modeled on a poem from the movie "So I Married an Axe Murderer).

Misunderestimating his own base:that's what Watcher of Weasels says Bush has done with the Miers pick.

Madeleine Begun Kane has written not one but three poems on Miers.

Two posts on something I meant to write about before, but didn't. Ruy Diaz .can't help but cringe at the smurf-bombing ad, while The Skwib does a parody. Personally, I think the dark humor of the ad might be what's needed to shock people out of complacency.

Smegmaster has a suggestion for merging religion and technology.

Suldog-O-Rama sends in his happiest moment in the subway, which has nothing to do with subways. If you really want to read about subways, however, he does tack on a bit involving one in part two.

To any police officers investigating the disappearance of someone named Pete, The World According to Pete is providing a mix of truth, half-truths, and bold-faced lies to help in your investigation.

The Nose On Your Face, a site that describes itself as "News so fake you'll swear it came from the mainstream media" has a story titled Doogie Howitzer, IED.

Brain J. Noggle has managed to unearth this Special Governor's Cut from Conan the Barbarian.

Chicken Fried Life has advice on going to the bathroom, of all things.

Wicked Thoughts has some New Orleans jokes. Tasteless, funny, lives up to the blog's name.

Seven Deadly Sins
L.C. Staples writes on capitalism and the sin of avarice.

Forward Biased suggests that anger has its positive side.

Your Pocket Book
In How You Can Become Wealthy, Free Money Finance says its just a matter of spending less and saving more. Note the site's disclaimer, though: you get what you pay for.

The Conservative Cat has a scam alert.

Real Returns has information on stock income.

Blogging and the 'net
The Other Bloke's Blog talks about blogs as disruptive technology, and notes a development that could make them more disruptive.

Blog Business World has a valuable piece of advice on living the blogger's life.

Ripples has an open letter telling bloggers to self-publish.

Erik at Broadband Blog expresses his doubts about city WiFi networks.

Trying to Catch Up writes about how baseball solidified a relationship.

In The Frustration Factor, Mr. Right uses baseball to talk about measuring anguish.

Political Miscellany
Don Surber calls Limbaugh on hypocrisy. When I first saw the description of the post, I thought, "let the McNab thing go," but it's fair game if Rush wants to bring up things from 37 years ago.

Dodgeblogium has his account of a surreal week visiting a Tory Party conference.

Fearless Philosophy worries about theocracy in Alabama.

Mean ol' Meany slams Patty Murray in the ninth entry in a series called, "Those Damn Great Democrats."

From The People's Republic of Seabrook, we have If That Woman Isn't Forced to Take Off That T-shirt, the Terrorists Will Win. And no, it has nothing to do with boobies.

THM's Bacon Bits says the debate over Intelligent Design shouldn't be seen as an either/or choice between science and religion. He's got a point, though the situation changes when we ask whether we should teach science or religion in science classes.

Dissecting Leftism has a attacks a Chronicle of Higher Education article on the theory of "authoritarian personality."

Mary Madigan at Dean's World has thoughts on confronting Iran - and Saudi Arabia.

Rounding up info on a number of issues is Rip and Read.

Everyman Chronicles writes on the constitutional issues of assisted suicide.

Miscellaneous Miscellany
Multiple Mentality has a post about over medicating - including what it isn't.

Ellison write about his memories of scary movies and nuclear war as a seven year old.

A reporter for a student newspaper does an serious bit of mis reporting and stays on the job. As reported by Generic Confusion.

Here comes the sun: a post on company life from BigPictureSmallOffice.

Think keeping your weight within what the government says is a healthy range is a must? Adam's blog says no.

Weighing in on male/female diferences, Healthy Concerns has evidence that apathy is a male trait.

EDIT: Was so rushedd to get off Carnival this morning, for got to write a wrap-up. I guess this would be that. Oh well, not much harm done, traffic hasn't really started flowing yet. Next week's carnival will be at The World According to Nick. Also, if you didn't get a trackback, Haloscan said I had lots of malformed responses, though a few went through. Don't know why some worked and others didn't. I may try again if anyone can suggest what I did wrong. -edit by hallq at 11:41 a.m.

UPDATE: Enormous thanks to Instapundit for linking here, if belatedly. Hell, I would've understood if he'd concluded people had just lost interest in such a general carnival. Now that I've been Instalanched, I feel like a real blogger! Thanks again, Glenn.


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