Thursday, October 13, 2005

Brilliant plan

From a story about a debate over creationism:
Hovind believes that if you teach schoolchildren that they evolved from apes, they will start acting like them. He thinks drug use, sexually transmitted diseases and an increased crime rate among teens is partly based on the exclusive teaching of evolution. When Griesmaier countered that European countries have a lower violent crime rate and a lower rate of church attendance than the United States, Hovind took issue with the countries (which included England, France, and the Netherlands) in his opponent's example.

"Those decreased murder rates were all from countries with socialistic governments and total gun control," said Hovind. "I'll take my gun, thank you."
In essencese, he's saying "I'm not a fan of effective government policy, but I think we accomplish the same by teaching lies."

Hat tip: Pharyngula

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